Tech Papers and Guides

Access LoRa Technology related guides covering a variety of subjects such as Gateway installation, device commissioning and starter kits.

Developing LoRaWAN-based Devices:
Things to Know

Here you’ll find technical recommendations for developers of LoRaWAN devices. These best practices cover everything from provisioning and testing devices to managing them.

Picocell Gateway User Guide

The LoRa PicoCell Gateway V1.0  is a multi-channel high performance transceiver designed to simultaneously receive several LoRa packets using random spreading factors.

From LoRaMAC-Node to TTN & myDevices User Guide V1.0

This user guide is a step by step guide describing how to use a LoRaMAC-node stack to send a payload to The Things Networks (TTN), then to myDevices / Cayenne in Low Power Payload (LPP) format.

LoRaMote User Guide

The LoRaMote is a demo platform intended to showcase the capability of the SX1272 and especially the LoRa modulation. The platform is fitted with various sensors which provide a variety of applications.