Tech Papers and Guides

Access LoRa Technology related guides covering a variety of subjects such as Gateway installation, device commissioning and starter kits.

Picocell Gateway User Guide

The LoRa PicoCell Gateway V1.0  is a multi-channel high performance transceiver designed to simultaneously receive several LoRa packets using random spreading factors.
Three hardware reference designs are made available to address:
- Europe 868 MHz ISM band [863 MHz - 870 MHz]
- USA/Australia 915 MHz ISM band [902 MHz - 928 MHz]
- China 470 MHz ISM band [470 MHz - 510 MHz]
For countries with a comparable regulatory framework (no LBT), choose the design corresponding to the right frequency.


From LoraMac-Node to TTN & myDevices User Guide V1.0

This user guide is a step by step guide describing how to use a LoraMac-node stack to send a payload to The Things Networks (TTN), then to myDevices / Cayenne in Low Power Payload (LPP) format.


LoRa 868MHz IoT starter Kits User Guide

This kit is designed to offer a self-contained Plug’n Play local loop for all IoT object designers, allowing them to verify that their design is able to connect to a public IOT network following the LoRaMAC specification.

The document describes how to operate this femto network with a single gateway, in order to test a connected object in development.


LoRaMote User Guide

The LoRaMote is a demo platform intended to showcase the capability of the SX1272 and especially the LoRa modulation. The platform is fitted with various sensors which provide a variety of applications.

The LoRaMote has been designed to demonstrate the capability of the SX1272 and is targeted to any potential user who would like to get familiar with the LoRa Modulation and the LoRaWAN protocol. Without going into too many details, this document should guide the reader through the potential use of the LoRaMote as a standalone transmitter/receiver, or as part of a more complex IOT system. The LoRaMote being a battery powered device, a strong emphasis on the power consumption is described within the document.



This document describes the setup of a typical Kerlink 868Mhz gateway in a LoRaWAN network. You may install as many gateways as necessary. 
This document assumes that the end-devices are compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol.


Kerlink Gateway channel selection

This document, the Kerlink gateway channel setup guide, covers frequency selection and channel allocation.


Smart Building Reference Kit User Guide

The Smart Building Reference Kit (“Kit”) is designed to provide validation of the network coverage within a
building, accelerate solution development and facilitate a portable demonstration to a wide range of stakeholders.
By moving the location of the sensors to different spots around the building, users can determine a gateway’s
range of coverage.


LoRaMote Config User Guide

LoRaMoteConfig is useful to control PHY, MAC and application-related parameters of the firmware running in the
LoRaMote. Examples:
       •  Change channels
       •  Change activation method (personalization or activation over the air)
       •  Change the application, for instance a GPS tracker demo or a coverage test demo